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Home Comfort Services

house W.C. Esp and our sister companies provide comprehensive home comfort service, including fuel delivery, preventive maintenance, vacation home monitoring and installation of heating and air conditioning equipment. We also perform comfort system repairs, including 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year.

Your East End home is your biggest investment and W.C. Esp and our sister companies do not take that fact lightly. The services below are just part of a general listing of what we do - we will customize our services to meet your home's individual needs. Many of our customers think of us as their home's "caretakers" - especially during the winter months - and it is not uncommon for us to have the keys to their homes should the need for maintenance or an emergency repair arise.

Automatic Delivery

The vast majority of our customers choose automatic delivery for their heating oil. Rather than monitoring their supply and making a phone call for each delivery, they entrust us with the delivery schedule. We use a degree-day system that accounts for weather variations, which affect your rate of fuel usage. Our goal is to deliver whenever your tank is approximately one-quarter full.

To become an automatic heating oil delivery customer, please call us today or contact us.

Service Plans

W.C. Esp Inc. and our sister companies offer service plans for boilers, furnaces and hot water heaters. Our plans provide the preventive maintenance your heating or air conditioning equipment requires while protecting customers from costly repair bills. Each plan covers most of your system's vital parts with an assurance that we will repair or replace it at no cost to you if it should fail.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Customers of W.C. Esp Inc. and our sister companies are protected in the event of a heat outage by our assurance of 24-hour emergency service. If your heat should ever fail, just make one phone call and we'll take it from there. An expert technician will respond promptly at any time of day or night and restore your system to proper working order without delay.

NOTE: The fastest way to reach us at any time of day or night is by phone. Someone is always available to take your call. Please do not use email to report a heat emergency. If you are having an emergency now, please call the office at 631-537-0193.

Annual Tune-Ups

Just like a car, a boiler or furnace needs periodic tuning and maintenance to perform at its best. W.C. Esp's expert technicians know all makes and models, and they can restore your system to peak operating condition with an annual tune-up. Annual tuning yields many benefits, including the following:
  • Efficient operation. A well-tuned system uses less fuel to achieve the same level of warmth and comfort. It also produces cleaner emissions.
  • Less money wasted. By reducing the amount of fuel your heating system uses to heat the home, you'll be saving money as well! A tune-up alone can reduce heating oil consumption by 5 percent.
  • Improved reliability. When a skilled W.C. Esp technician tunes a boiler or furnace, he is likely to spot any worn parts that could cause a system failure during the winter. We'll replace them, and your chances for a trouble-free winter will be greatly improved.
To schedule a tune-up for your heating system, please call our office today or contact us online.

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Service Technician at Door

Free Safety Inspection

Heating equipment is generally very safe to operate, but it is important to inspect all systems thoroughly once a year to ensure that the system is sound and that it is venting exhaust fumes properly. W.C. Esp technicians perform a free safety inspection as part of every annual tune-up. We also perform inspections on request.

To request a free safety inspection for your heating system, please call our office today or contact us online.

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Vacation Home Monitoring

Vacation homes that are unoccupied in the winter months require monitoring to protect against heat outages and the severe damage that they can cause. W.C. Esp offers remote monitoring by telephone to provide notification if the indoor temperature should drop.

To arrange telephone monitoring for your vacation home, please call us today or contact us online.

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Customer Incentives

Customers of W.C. Esp and our sister companies can take advantage of incentives and discounts that save money and reduce your fuel costs.
  • Customer Referrals: We encourage customers to contribute to our success by spreading the word about the excellent value and service that our companies provide. Whenever you refer a new customer to us and they sign on for full service (automatic delivery and a service plan), you receive 50 gallons of free heating oil.
    To refer a friend, please call the office or contact us online.
  • Prompt Payment Discount: When you pay for a delivery within 10 days, you reduce your cost by $.05 per gallon.
  • Senior Citizen Discount: Senior citizens are eligible for a $.02 discount off our posted price. Please alert our office if you qualify for this discount.
  • New Homeowner Gift: New homeowners who choose W.C. Esp or one of our sister companies for heating oil delivery are eligible for a one-year service contract at no charge.
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